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60 mins personal health coaching session on Zoom

60 mins personal health coaching session on Zoom


This eye-opening 60 minutes session will specifically address one particular health concern. After the session, you will receive a personalised health plan protocol. 


Protocols to choose from include:


Heavy metal detox - the best 3 protocols that actually work (unlike the mediocre methods preached by many practitioners)


Thyroid detox - 3 types (hyper, hypo and autoimmune)


Liver and Gallbladder cleanse


Mold detox - antifungal/candida/yeast


Parasite cleanse the best way


Gut protocols - leaky gut, SIBO, h pylori (very comprehensive)


Spike protein - vaccine protocol


Others - adrenal fatigue, low tox living, insomnia, fasting, female hormones balance, insuline resistence, PCOS, diet, lifestyle, routine optimisation.  


All clients will also receive complimentary information on lowtox living. 


After payment, you will be contacted to schedule your session. Please have your availablity/preferred timings and choice ready.



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