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Online coaching session

Online coaching session


This package is best for someone who has already taken a bioresonance test/had their root causes identified and wants to follow one of our targeted protocols to heal.


This eye-opening 60 minutes session will specifically focus on one particular health concern and it's root causes. After the session, you will receive a personalised wellness plan. 


Protocols to choose from include:


Heavy metal detox - the best 3 protocols that actually work (unlike the mediocre methods preached by many practitioners)


Thyroid detox - 3 types (hyper, hypo and autoimmune)


Liver and Gallbladder cleanse


Mold detox - antifungal/candida/yeast


Parasite cleanse the best way


Gut protocols - leaky gut, SIBO, h pylori (very comprehensive)


Spike protein - vaccine protocol


Others - adrenal fatigue, low tox living, insomnia, fasting, female hormones balance, insuline resistence, PCOS, diet, lifestyle, routine optimisation.  


Included is on-going Whatsapp support to ensure you that help is only a message away. 


All clients will also receive complimentary information on lowtox living. 


After payment, you will be contacted to schedule your session. Please have your availablity/preferred timings and choice ready.



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