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Hair sacrifice

One of the most common symptoms we see at Origin Healing is hair loss. That’s because when the body is chronically stress, whether emotional or physical, the hair will be sacrificed as the body prioritises other more important aspects of health.


What are the main causes?

There are many causes of hair loss, aside from genetics. It can occur due to hormone imbalances, stress or trauma, underlying health problems, such as chronic infections (EBV, CMV, Lyme), as well as challenges on your body caused by a high toxin load. It's important to know the root cause of hair loss so that the problem can be solved from within, while supporting growth at the scalp level. Taking a bioresonance test with us will identify the reasons for your hair loss. Find out more here.  


Some common causes include:

  • Toxin exposures, such as heavy metals (amalgam teeth fillings) and mold

  • Acute or chronic emotional or mental stress

  • Estrogen dominance

  • Chronic infections

  • Psoriais, fungal infections or dermatitis of the scalp

  • PCOS (cystic ovaries) which may be due to insulin resistance

  • Unmanaged thyroid disorders, whether hyper or hypothyroidism

  • Nutrient deficiencies, which may be causes by gut issues, poor diet or a high toxin load

  • Excess androgens (male hormones) which can occur in both men and women

  • An inappropriate diet, which may be inflammatory or lacking nutrients.


What to do next

The priority is first to identify the root causes and work on solving those, whether it be lifestyle changes, removing toxins, managing stress, improving your diet, or fixing nutrient deficiencies. During this process, there are supplements that can help increase hair growth and reduce loss. Working with Origin Healing will help you to identify your root causes and learn how to support your body holistically to achieve hair growth and better overall health. Your highly personalised, step by step plan will show you exactly how to avoid toxins, improve your diet, detox safely and use the right supplements for your individual requirements. 

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