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A healthy body requires a healthy home


We spend most of your time in our homes, it’s our place of rest, where we eat, spend time with loved ones, where we raise and nurture our children, where we create memories, and grow old. Our homes should be a sanctuary, a place of safety, peace and wellness. Our homes should be supporting our health, not hindering it.


Unfortunately, many homes are working against the health and wellbeing of their residents. Some homes are even causing or worsening health problems.


There are several reasons for this:


  • Water damage, leading to mould growth.

  • Humidity, making mould growth more likely.

  • Indoor air pollution (is up to 5 times higher than outdoor air).

  • Toxic household products, such as cookware, cleaning sprays, fragrances, plastics.

  • EMF exposure from Wi-Fi, electronics, cell towers and wiring.

  • Volatile organic compounds from furniture, paints and finishes.

  • AC units harbouring dust and mould.

  • Carpets and dust, feeding mould growth.

  • Unfavourable bedroom arrangements, making it difficult to achieve good quality sleep.


Many people are suffering from chronic symptoms, such as insomnia, sinus infections, tremors and fatigue due to an unhealthy home. Making simple changes to our living spaces has the potential to be life changing.


During your session with Origin healing, we will guide you to ensure your living/working environment supports your health the best way possible.  

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