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Not a one size fits all

At Origin Healing, we don’t believe in a “one diet fits all” approach. We believe that diet should be highly personalised to meet the individual requirements of each person. Why? Because every person has a unique combination of toxin exposures, genetic variations, upbringing, lifestyle, routine, hormonal function, drainage capability, gut and health status. People also have different health goals, whether it’s weight loss, body building, weight gain, maintaining their current weight, increasing energy, stamina and fitness. Even the level of willpower and motivation can influence a person’s diet plan. All these factors must be taken into consideration when tailoring a diet that works for the individual, and that is at the core of the Origin Healing method.


Real life scenario

Let’s take an example: a plant-based or vegan diet. It may appear to work well for an individual who

previously ate an unhealthy, inflammatory diet of processed food, seed oils and sugary drinks. They may lose some unwanted weight, feel more energized and less lethargic, have better bowel movements and improved brain health. Now, take a person with leaky gut (maybe caused by heavy metal toxicity from amalgam teeth fillings), and put them on the same plant-based diet - the results could be catastrophic. They may experience more digestive issues, such as bloating and constipation. They may also experience more brain fog, lethargy, loss of muscle and nutrient deficiencies. That’s because their gut lining is permeable from toxin damage, making it harder to digest and absorb nutrients properly. Plant material, especially when raw (think – kale salad!) can be very harsh on a compromised gut. In this case, an animal-based diet would be much more suitable. So we can see, an apparently healthy diet for some people can be detrimental to others.


With Origin Healing, you can get to the root causes of your health concerns so that your diet can be

optimised to suit your individual needs. Some diet changes may only be followed temporarily while

addressing a certain condition such as SIBO or leaky gut. It’s always evolving depending on your health gains and goals, but the focus is always human-appropriate, optimal nutrition.

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