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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you still have anything which you would like to ask, please get in touch.

Is bioresonance testing safe?


It’s completely safe for all age groups. It’s painless and non-invasive, with no side effects. There may be a slight pulsing felt by those that are more sensitive to frequencies, but this is harmless. The only contraindication is people with a pacemaker.


How does bioresonance work?


Every cell, organ and body system of the body emits a particular frequency, or vibration, that is measurable using bioresonance technology. The readings are then compared to healthy frequencies to identify patterns of dysfunction or imbalance – the root causes of symptoms and illness.


What does bioresonance testing identify?

It can give probabilities of bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, toxins, status of the spine, functioning of organs and body systems, absorption rates of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, hormone imbalances, autoimmunity spectrum, biological age, chakras and psychosomatic issues.


Does bioresonance diagnose diseases?

It is not used as a diagnosis, rather it identifies the root causes of the symptoms and conditions, and what may be contributing to disease in the body. With that information, the patient is empowered by knowing what needs to be addressed and how to achieve health via personalised natural wellness plans. Bioresonance answers the question “why do I have these symptoms” rather than simply giving it a label, so that the problem can be solved.


Who is bioresonance testing for?

Anyone with a health concern, whether it’s bloating, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, autoimmunity, or anything else, who wants to find out what caused those problems in order to restore health naturally. It’s also a great biohacking tool for anyone looking to optimize their health and prevent future illness, as it can identify problem areas before symptoms arise, such as fatty liver or metabolic disorder. 


How is bioresonance testing done?

You will be visited at home (or any other space of your choice) by Zakia, our holistic health educator. You will ensure that you are hydrated and have removed metal jewelry beforehand. Ideally, you would have avoided caffeine for 4 hours and eating for 2 hours before your test.  You will be seated comfortably, and sprayed with salt water on your forehead, ankles and wrists, where the machine will be connected. The test will run for 5 minutes, after which your results will be ready for interpretation. The root causes will be identified, and how to address them will be explained and sent to you as a clear, step-by-step, personalised wellness plan.


How can Origin Healing help me to improve my health?

First, we identify the causes of your health concerns – whether it’s toxins, mold, gut imbalance, parasites, viruses, vaccine reaction, hormone imbalances, lifestyle factors, diet, or a combination of factors. We do that through in-depth questioning and/bioresonance testing. We then create a wellness plan to target those root causes, through the use of supplements, specialized detox protocols, toxin avoidance education, lifestyle and routine optimisation, diet changes where needed, and sleep hygiene practices. This is delivered through online coaching via zoom.


Can I still find my root causes without bioresonance testing?

Yes! If you’re not in the UAE, you can book an online discovery consultation with Zakia, our holistic health coach. She will conduct several questionnaires, diving deep into your toxin exposures, symptoms, diet, lifestyle, medical history, genetic components and family history, to identify the possible root causes. Zakia will also look at any lab work that you have, to check that the numbers are optimal, not just “normal” or in-range. She will then create your personalized wellness plan to get you back on track.


How is Origin Healing different from conventional doctors?

We focus on finding and treating the ROOT CAUSES of health concerns, whereas doctors focus on symptom management and medication. We believe that it is near impossible to heal without knowing what caused the problem in the first place. The average doctor knows next to nothing about the dangers of toxins, the impact of mold exposure, parasite cleansing, or how to detox effectively and safely, side effects of vaccines, or optimal human nutrition. They often don’t even acknowledge these as causes of health problems. That’s why they are failing their patients, who are often told that they are doomed to poor health and medication for life. At Origin Healing, we will help you to reverse your symptoms naturally by addressing the root causes.


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