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Stomach Ache


The most common gut issues


The most common gut issues we help people to recover from are bloating, constipation, acid reflux, microbiome imbalances and leaky gut. The way we do this is by looking into the root causes of the problem, which often are:

  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

  • Fungal/candida overgrowth

  • Low stomach acid

  • Hypothyroid

  • Helicobacter pylori infection

  • Parasites


How we can help

Once the root causes have been established, we will guide you through a step by step protocol via online coaching to eliminate the problem naturally. We do this by integrating the following:

  • Diet changes where necessary, usually only temporarily while on the protocol

  • Supplements to manage symptoms

  • Digestive support such as enzymes and betaine HCL

  • Motility enhancers to improve bowel movements

  • Natural antimicrobials to tackle H pylori, SIBO, fungus or candida

  • Parasite cleansing 

  • Healing the damaged gut lining

If you live in the UAE, we utilise our hi-tech bioresonance testing equipment which will uncover your root causes in just 10 minutes. 

How long the process takes depends on each person’s root causes and extent of their symptoms, that’s why it is personalised to suit the needs of the individual. That’s how to best achieve healing. You can find your root causes by booking a consultation here.

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