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Origin Healing was founded as a result of being failed by conventional medicine over and over again. Conventional medicine is great at treating acute problems such as infections and injuries but getting the right help and treatment for chronic illnesses and symptoms today is near impossible. This is why more and more people are turning to alternative therapies and holistic methods of rebalancing their bodies to achieve optimal health.

“optimal health is your birth right – and you can most definitely achieve it if you know how”

What the average doctor doesn’t know or tell you about:

  • “Normal” lab results aren’t always optimal – what’s normal these days is a result of toxin exposures and unhealthy lifestyles. It’s best to look for optimal numbers in the range.

  • Your root cause could be due to toxin exposures, such as heavy metals from amalgam teeth fillings, or mold mycotoxins

  • Past trauma that hasn’t been dealt with is another significant root cause of chronic health issues

  • Your digestive symptoms may be due to SIBO, leaky gut or parasites

  • You may need to detox to reverse your symptoms

  • Processed seed/vegetable oils are harmful and inflammatory

  • Inflammation is more often the cause of heart disease, not cholesterol

  • Saturated fats are gut healing and nutritious

  • Some genetic predispositions can be switched on and off in a process called epigenetics. Given the right circumstances, we can switch off “bad genes”

  • Supplements can be used to manage many conditions and aid in healing

  • Anyone and everyone can have parasites – it’s important to carry out regular cleanses

  • TSH is not the not important hormone to check for thyroid function – free T4, free T3, revere T3 and antibodies should also be checked

  • Recurrent candida and bacterial vaginosis (plus many other symptoms) can be due to mold illness 

  • Many autoimmune symptoms can in fact be reversed

  • The list goes on!

This is not a dig at doctors or conventional medicine – it has its place. We know that their education was biased, their studies of root causes was non-existant, their knowledge of human-appropriate nutrition is lacking,  and forget about the therapeutic use of supplements and biohacking – it’s usually new information to them, which they often arrogantly shrug off… surely no one could know better than them!?

At Origin Healing, we believe that no one should have to settle for less-than-optimal health. This is why we share the knowledge that is so needed. Many of our clients come to us, after being failed by their conventional doctors, who didn’t explore the real root causes – the majority of which are toxin related.

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