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Why Origin healing is for you

Founded by Zakia, a human biologist, health educator of over 8 years, bioresonance practitioner and most importantly, a chronic illness survivor. Unlike other practitioners, Zakia has vast personal experience of living with debilitating illness, being dismissed by doctors, until finally discovering her root causes, which empowered her to heal naturally from heavy metal toxicity, mold illness, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and leaky gut.


Zakia’s depth of knowledge from real-life experience is what sets her aside. She has researched, experimented and tested different protocols to learn what really works and what doesn’t, then compiled the best of that knowledge into specialised methods that are safe and effective. Zakia works closely with people, adapting and personalising health plans to best serve each individual.

The Origin healing method

origin healing method structure (2).png

How can origin healing help you to improve your health?

First, we identify the causes of your health concerns – whether it’s toxins, mold, gut imbalance, parasites, viruses, vaccine reaction, hormone imbalances, lifestyle factors, diet, or a combination of factors.


We do that through in-depth questioning and/bioresonance testing.


We then create a wellness plan to target those root causes, through the use of supplements, specialized detox protocols, toxin avoidance education, lifestyle and routine optimisation, diet changes where needed, and sleep hygiene practices. This is delivered through online coaching via zoom.

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